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california! let's get out of here so we don't have to pay state tax. within 24 hours! [ laughter ] >> i was doing some minor complaining. a lot of schools have to readjust their halloween parties. even my kids. so you do the thing, and then these guys, no, if we waited till thursday, these guys would have all left town. >> well, not necessarily! >> okay, so they just lied to me. that's why they do it! these guys have to -- not have to, but in their defense, you've been working for 6 month, you're keyed up, you want to go home. and they make good salaries. want pay state tax another day? get the hell out of here! >> it doesn't work like that! [ laughter ] >> but it's the principle of the thing. i would prefer that you see them in the offseason. now? get without out! [ laughter ] >> thanks for coming, fans, glad it took you three hours to wait for the muni. now goodbye! >>> norv surrounded we negativity. the chargers game with -- oh, come on, jacky. you want me to sit here and skill drool? they -- still drool? anyway, norv turner, a j smith were both on the hot seat. the san diego unio
sales tax for four years. and it will raise the income tax for people earning $250,000 per year or more for seven years. this is the brainchild and backed by the pta would raise the income tax on most people in california for 12 years. it is one distinct difference. but the top one percent would pay for 78% of the revenue. the top one percent would pay for 44 percent of the revenue. >> there is also a difference on where the money goes. at least this year it would go into the general fund and then triggered funneled through a general education but proposition 38 would be specifically earmarked for school districts. legislators would not be able to use it to do with other budget problems which is good news for schools but could be bad news for the state. in the long run. but to choke up the revenue is tied to one purpose. but they are good purposes but we are in a physical crisis would want to put everything on the table and find out what is going to be able to trade out. >> if there are competing tropic propositions they often will both fail. but if they both -- pass the most votes woul
, erica. there is a hot topic. there is a choice between two tax measures. one of them this proposition 30 that is backed by gov. jerry brown. he was back in the bay area to in some last-minute campaigning. kron 4 dan kerman has that part of the story. >> it is crystal clear to invest in the dream. to keep the creativity and the innovation oalive and well and intensifyin. and with just days before the election, california gov. jerry brown was before the commonwealth club in san francisco thursday stumping for proposition 30, the temporary tax increase is designed to prevent cuts to education. he says the choice is simple. the money in, for the schools, in, out, yes, no, on come off, there is no middle. >> wahl most of the audience seemed to support the measure proposition 30 is by no means, a sure thing. >> some people are inclined to vote yes that is down 50%. and from the mid-september and it was also mid 50 range in the summer. field poll director, mark di camillo says while the current poll shows supporters have dropped over time, he says there is still a chance for proposition 30 can
was paying principal and interest and now i'm able to pay principal, interest, and taxes and insurance and less for all of those each month. >> this nonprofit group is a need for assistance group of america and the provinces on the spot solutions for affordable mortgages. >> there is nothing like meeting face to face that you can meet with your lender. and having them side by side. >> based on their financial situation the will to a loan modification and presented to the blunders. most of them are here and it is free. the bank will pay all closing costs. >> we come here to meet our customer's faced to face and get their market is modified. commoditie%-80% our ss rate. >> now i'm able to make those payments, there is no doubt in my mind. >> there is a second chance to holding on to the american dream. san jose, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> decision 2012. this new storm could cause big problems for the election day. still super stormy sandy but a number wintry storm could continue on election day. at this point is too difficult to pinpoint the severity or the timing. they are saying that if
them in jail. >> voters have the choice to choose between two tax measures. one of the initiatives property is supported by governor brown and used his appearance for the commonwealth club in san francisco yesterday for that temporary tax increase. >> money into schools and colleges into the california dream are out. and are out, yes are no, on our off there is no middle way. >> most of the audience in to support prop 30 but is by no means a sure thing. the current poll shows that support has dropped over time. there is still a chance property could pass the competing measures prop. 38 and that is in big trouble. the poll finds that 34 percent support that proposition and 49 percent oppose it 17 percent are undecided. we're down to just a few days before a decision 2012 and the big election. we'll have nonstop coverage starting tuesday at 8:00 p.m. until after the polls close. we'll have the results in the reactions here on kron4. you can also check our web site and facebook and twitter pages. >> whereby to take a break, a live look outside from our south bay camera. this is the sa
dirty the temporary tax increase for education. he says the choice is simple. >> money into the schools and colleges and pour out. in or out, yes or no. there is no middle. >> most of the audience seemed to support it proposition 3 is by no means a sure thing. they are inclined to vote that is down from 51%. in the september it was mid-50s range in the summer. >> the current polls show support has dropped over time he says there is still a chance proposition dirty can pass. >> the poll findings showing that it is possibly not on a downward track but he does have 14 percent undecided. really, he just test to attract 2-3% on his side. proposition 38 is competing and is a bigger trouble. 34% are in support 49% are opposed and 17 percent undecided. the governor went out of its way to not make anything bad. other than that he believes proposition 30 is the way to go. he also made it clear that both measures are for the education for the passage of proposition 38 will not stop for cuts. only proposition 30 will do that. dan kerman, kron 4. >>pam: decision 12 coverage. just days until the e al
and they are opposing jerry brown's tax. the arizona group plans to appeal this ruling. >> the east palo alto police department's is being awarded a grant to work with crime fighting strategies. this grant will be used by crime analysts to identify hot spots of crime based on the location and the frequency of shots that are fired. this is used to tell people where the location is where a shot has been fired. >> we have new video of a chemical fire and a trail derailment and kentucky. here is a live look outside and this shows us a wider view of northern california. we are still dealt with bits and pieces even at this hour. > [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> welcome back this 6:25 a.m.. >> in the rain is starting to
been complying with all the roles. >> after being convicted of tax fraud he has been convicted of four years in jail. this 76 year rose attorney is stated that will appeal. he is facing another tice month be the firslast month before the first debate-stashed most--a new report has stated that the economy grew by 2%. meanwhile vice-president joe biden battled and wisconsin and he remains confident. >> the giants are just two wins away from their necks when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. games go on to win the whole thing. chiche >> we are less than 24 hours away from game 3. we are outside of chimerical par comerica park. you can see that tarpons that has been put over the field. the giants finished their practice and the coaches stated that they're ready to go. they will be right back out here. >> ithe giants fan's are compeconf
restaurants. they will serve you a couple of courses, and a glass of wine or a desert fort under $40. tax and tap not included these are really hot texan -- gratuity not included. at $under 40. the method. >> affordable, reasonable, good value. this is also very generous. there is a reason why it is hard to get in here and people come here so often. >> proof positive you can stretch your dining dollar more than any other city in the world. by favorite is a fresh greek salad, and a nice cote de rhone.. aldon smitgo to our website, kron 4 .com. >> coming up dirty dirt. it might sound like an oxymoron. but that is exactly what is in west oakland coming up in my next edition of people behaving badly to read . >>pam: today's market update. with super storms sandy. let us take a look at the numbers. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also down on this friday. the highly anticipated jobs report brought mixed news. and this is the unemployment rate to the amount of 7.9 percent last month. that is up 7.8% in the month of september. however, the report also shows the economy added 171,000 jobs last month.
this and a lead >> bruce boccy! >> the tax line would be never say die the tagline. we had some key team members echoed down in the early part of the season is getting down to st. louis, the reds, and we never say die. and that last game against detroit. which the first time we got behind and we never say die. >> when we struggled during the year i thought of the 42,000 fans that were planning on the field. that only gave us more courage. more energy to play hard for you. >> cincinnati were not as loud as you. we want to st. louis there were not as loud as you. quite frankly to towards france were not even as loud as you and that is why we won. the detroit fans were not as loud as you. >> you better be proud. you need to be proud. and make sure that we are all world series champions orange and black in san francisco. >> everybody joins me with the ha hands in the air. and we will bring this in the with a slow clap. ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra the ladies and gentleman, the one and only tony bennett! san francisco above the balloon and when the ec.windy city when i come home to you the windy sea
council has come out unanimously against the measure. opponents say it would generate needed tax revenue and comply coming in assets for those who need the drug for pain management. 3200 registered nurses at hospitals managed by sutter health are planning a one day strike to protest concessions they say center management is demanding. the strike will be a series of strikes by the california nurses association and a contract. the one they walk out with a car at 3:00 p.m. in facility at berkeley and oakland. in castro valley and san leandro hospital and sutter solano in vallejo. the four months with his bare their season starts today would be illegal to buy one on days when an alert is called. winters bear the very late are issued on dry stagnant weather conditions trap pollutants close to the ground and air district officials didn't get on health. wood smoke is the largest source of air pollution in the bay area. it can especially be harmful to children. and the elderly and people with respiratory conditions. >> here's a quick look at star trek for as you can see we do have some rain over
billion dollars in the know with that money went to? that average tax cuts when to americans of the they can pay their bills. about 32% of its went to help state and local governments to keep teachers, firefighters and police officers on the job because they were not able to raise money for their states. this was a good thing. >> you have been listening to up former president bill clinton and chesapeake, virginia. we have been listening in and he was talking economics. >> speaking of money we're getting details of how much it cost the taxpayers for the giants parade. the giants picked up most of the tap and san francisco spent about $100,000 due to cleanup cost and transportation. san francisco officials stated that there was money in the budget for things like this. the giants kicked in about $1 million of its own money to cover the production cost and the civic center plaza festivities. >> it is the official that the zero launch monday that was born has a name. his name is what mo.romo. the monkes born just before the giants won on the winning streak. the dand those who've
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12